Late afternoon views from our front windows

Sunset comes early here, about 4 pm. But the angle of the light and where the sun sets provides perfect sunset views in clear weather.  Today had quite a bit of sun, so we had scattered clouds at sunset.

The progression was lovely from our front room.

My gardening companion went out on a short skiing excursion around our landscape, but I was still a bit chilly from our mid-day ski excursion to the frozen bay in Rimouski (there were folks out in their ice-fishing camps and para-gliding sliding skiers -- a sport I didn't know existed) and a further ski on the trail beyond - a familiar one in summer.

So I stayed inside and admired the transition towards sunset through our windows.

my gardening companion's ski tracks are visible

this view of our shed and the farm beyond is one of my favorites -- winter and summer
Happily, after we were home for a couple of hours, the wood stove has now heated up the entire house very nicely and it's now quite toasty.  The high was around 8° F today, so cold outside!


  1. Such beautiful sunsets. It looks like a nice place inside watching the day.
    Stay warm.

    1. It’s intesting — today it’s about 16°, but without wind, so felt really quite OK when we were out in late morning skiing. I never would have imagined that it could be comfortable at that temperature, even with the right gear. And it’s great inside!

  2. Great view from your cozy cabin.


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