A backcountry trail

This morning's ski excursion brought us back to Parc National du Bic, just across the highway and down the road.
ski and snowshoe capability

red-stemmed dogwood in its natural state

We went on a trail that we hadn't hiked on before in summer, but is part of a popular snowshoeing/backcountry sking trail loop in the park. It's labelled as intermediate, so had some ups and down, although nothing too alarming, thankfully, for the stretch we were on -- we just went out and back for an hour and a half or so.

I'm still getting used to the full-body workout of cross-country skiing - I was whooped after today's excursion with its ups and downs, and stepping down the steepest bit (having cross-hatched up the slope previously).

Remarkably, the one other person we encountered was a runner, presumably with some sort of special snow running shoes (they looked quite conventional, but seemed to have distinctive marks. He was working hard running up the snowshoe side of the trail.

People seem to be quite respectful of the skiing tracks and snowshoe/running sides of the trail.  The ski tracks were fine for our Altai Hok skis -- we imagine back-country cross-country skis to be wider than conventional ones that we've seen folks using elsewhere, so had a good time gliding along.