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A time of wonder

I guess it's telling that I remembered a childhood book that I loved today, out skiing in Parc National du Bic on a favorite trail in summer and in winter, looking towards the small islands, surrounded now by snow and ice.

The book was Robert McCloskey's Time of Wonder.

I was thinking that maybe I'd posted about "a little bit sad about the place you are leaving, a little bit glad about the place you are going" last summer, leaving Quebec, but it was actually leaving our old house and garden in South Carolina, another special house and a garden that we'd created over 20+ years.

My father had reminded me of the book, I'm remembering, re-reading that 2015 post.

My thoughts are similar today.  We'd stay through March, except we have many prior commitments for lectures/classes/programs, etc. in March and April back in Asheville, and it would limit our time in fall, if we're to stay within our 6 month time frame in Canada.

And it's wonderful in Ashevil…

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