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The mountains brought us here

I've been participating in a wonderful writing group over the last year, via Shelterwriters, an AWA method group.  It's encouraged my writing in ways that I didn't imagine, but also has supported my affinity for nature writing.  This was a piece from this morning, inspired by a morning walk in Park du Bic. Havre du Bic last year The prompt was: How I came here   Remarkable to be in this space of rock, shore, and mist. How I came here?   The mountains brought us, the Southern Appalachians stretching north. The GaspĂ© Peninsula is where the Northern Appalachians dip into the sea, a fellow botanist told us decades ago. The botanical diversity is remarkable, he said.   Lots of familiar plants, but new ones, too.   So, we came, also drawn by the opportunity of family summering outside of Quebec City. Little did we imagine on that first trip that we might end up with a cottage here, a renovated schoolhouse, next to a park full of wonders.   It was quiet this morning, u

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