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Ready to go skiing

I'm not a natural athlete. 

I swam as a young teen and won a couple of local swim meet medals.  I ran as a teenager and young adult, through my early thirties.  I ran the NYC Marathon when I was 33 and never ran more than 3 miles after that  - my hip complained, my arthritic toe complained, etc.  So I've been a walker now for many years and really feel reasonably fit.

But taking up bicycling last summer humbled me -- yikes, are my arms that weak?  I headed back to weightlifting a couple of times a week at the YMCA after our return from Germany in September.

And our last two days of skiing on our short hybrid ski-shoes, ditto.  Hmm, this is really fun, but my leg, arm, and back muscles are tired and I feel it tonight.

But it's all good.  It's not a bad thing to be reminded that exercise of all sorts is a good thing and multiple sorts are beneficial, too, to expand one's range of muscle use.

My gardening companion and my sister are keen exercisers;  I'm always st…

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