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There are all sorts of objects in our house that I love.  I kept them as we downsized and "consolidated" from two houses to one,  because they had meaning, were useful, and/or made me happy.   Lots of other objects were shed in the process -- there simply wasn't room to keep many things that I'd kept or collected over the years, whether antique wooden boxes or tins, remembrances from travel, or simply miscellany.  We only kept the furniture that we loved, too, shedding all of the extra in the process, but that's a different story.

There is inspiration to be had in these objects as subjects for quick sketches, I'm realizing.  "Quick" -- so the perfectionist critic doesn't seize up and "sketch" for the same reason, too.  "Quick sketch" implies equal ease. 


I just used a drawing paper notebook today, with watercolor pencils again, with a bit of ink, but still liked the results.  (Using cheap paper also placates the i…

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