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At home in the mountains: clear light and more fall color

I was going to write about fall color, inspired by a Virginia creeper vine turned scarlet, spotted coming back from a walk to the grocery.

I'll come back to fall color, but I was also struck by the crystalline light this afternoon. 

It's so clear today (with no humidity) that the light broke through the dark tint on my glasses making me wish I'd worn a hat and the mountain ridges have sharp edges.

The light out the kitchen window is luminous at 4 pm, here shown with pre-dinner, post-shopping clutter intact....we have a small main floor, so kitchen and living room merge together to be a combined space, and what's between the countertop and windows depends on what we've been up to recently.

I noticed more dogwoods, sourwoods, and Virginia creeper have already turned bright scarlet today.  I'm hoping after this cold snap, we'll have at least a flush of decent fall color after the long warm fall so far (NOT conducive to fall color).  The remarkably high rainfal…

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