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Fun in Parc Beausejour

There's a large public park in Rimouski, our nearby big city.  It's about a 10-15 drive from our house, so not that far.

So, since we were planning to go the second annual winter farmer's market there, after skiing, we thought we'd try a new location. We had skied there once last winter, and I'd bicycled on the same trail last summer, but it was basically a new excursion for us, but it was delightful.

What was especially fun was the diversity, again, of folks being out there on skis, walking, sledding, and skating on the prepared ice.  Folks of all ages, embracing the snow and cold (although it was relatively mild today at ~23° F and there was not much wind).

I was especially struck by a young mom showing her kids how to herringbone and side-step what was a really steep slope, but neither of us took a photo.

My gardening companion took these photos of families enjoying themselves.

I loved seeing this dad out with a very young baby bundled up in a homemade sled.

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