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Thinking about Quebec

We're having friends (who are also neighbors) over this evening.  They recently acquired a cottage in Nova Scotia near the Bay of Fundy and spent some time there this summer.  We thought it would fun to share our summer Canadian experiences, as they enjoyed their time there, too. 

Gathering together some images to share reminded us both of how beautiful Quebec is in the summer and fall (and winter, too), even as we're all pummeled (Asheville and Le Bic) with an early arctic blast (as is most of central and eastern North America). Our area of Quebec (Le Bic/Rimouski) will have between 7-14 inches of snow today.  In Asheville, we had a wintry snow mix this morning, which accumulated.

Our overnight lows will be similar, interestingly, around 14-16° F, which is remarkable for this time of year in Western North Carolina, if not record-breaking.

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