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A lovely gift

A package arrived today full of special things from Quebec.  Teas from local plants, sea salts enriched with seashore herbs, maple sugar clumps, maple popcorn, and a brochure from the national park nearby. So lovely to receive, from our neighbors' son, now back in Mississippi.  It was a thank you for providing our house as a place he could teach his university classes remotely and have quiet space, too, this fall. No thanks were needed, as it was a joy to be able to have him use it; it's a place we hold in our memories as we plan to return next summer. Equally nice today was to learn about virtual tea-time at Heritage Bas St. Laurent's library in Rimouski (where I volunteer in different times) resume, as well as the acrylic painting class now scheduled, too, which I so enjoyed last year. I signed up right away.

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