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The wind is howling

The snow storm has moved through, but now the wind is howling, bringing colder air from the north. Driving back from a short ski this afternoon, the blowing snow obscured the road.  Scary not to see the edge of the highway or any road markings. I just followed the cars in front of me. Fortunately, the winds will subside overnight, from 20-30 mph to 3-5 mph.  That makes a huge difference when the outside temperatures are low.  Right now the Weather Channel reports that it’s 1° F and feels like -20°F.  Glad to be inside! Even with our acrylic window inserts in all of our conventional windows, cold air comes in around the double-paned French doors, too, as well as the regular front door.  Thank goodness for the inserts and our vintage wood stove.

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