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Staying a bit longer

A heavy snowfall had us rethinking our plans for leaving.  It was so much fun to ski in the fresh powdery snow.

So, looking at weather forecasts, and weighing the options, it didn't need too much to convince ourselves that another week here would be doable.

We'll have been here 6 weeks next Monday.  We'd only planned on about a month, but it really has been so nice to experience this sort of snow for the first time in our lives  (our previous experiences were back in college and graduate school for at most a week).  Remarkable, now in our 60's, to discover snow, but I'm mindful, too, that it might not seem as much fun if we'd been living in snowy winters for years and years (and experienced clearing our driveway and car of snow for decades).  And our house is warm and cozy, too.

Nevertheless, we've enjoyed it tremendously.

A late afternoon photo of our garden shed surrounded by snow turned into another drawing.

I love the simple aspect of the watercolor pen…

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