Veterans Day and Armistice Day

Reminded of our trip to New Zealand last winter by some remarkable posts from Alison Young, who I've "known" for many years through her American Public Media presence -- she's spending 5 months thru-hiking the Te Araroa trail from the far northern tip of the North Island through the southern tip of the South Island.  

I was connected to her walking adventures through a good online friend who lives in London -- and whom I've never met -- but is a personal friend of Alison's.  How nice is that?

A search on Natural Gardening for posts on New Zealand (I was going to link to some of the amazing places we visited, but that will wait), brought up this visit to an extraordinary exhibit about New Zealand in World War I -- much more fitting for today.

I learned a lot from this exhibit in Wellington, as I wrote in this post from last February.

They were marking the 100th anniversary of the Great War.  As an American, we don't normally really learn that much about WWI or WWII in "school," so what I know about depends on what I've read (in historical accounts and novels) and museums that I've visited over the years.

Some decades ago we visited the Imperial War Museum in London, which had state-of-the art interpretation about World War I and life in the trenches.

There were poppies all over Umbria when we were there in April:  let me share them as remembrance.

Poppies below our HomeExchange house in Umbria, April, 2018