Revisiting a drawing of an old house in Hoi An

When I was updating the digital images on my desktop a week or so before Thanksgiving, I was reminded of some of the presentations I'd put together about past travels.  Our trips to Chile were my places of the spirit reminder, but there were quite a few  presentations about other places -- with equally striking memories and images.

Lao.ppt and Vietnam.ppt have yet to be filed in their proper spot as I was thinking I would look at them before I did so (my travel folders are a bit of a jumble of small-size images in web galleries, full-size images, presentations, etc., etc.)  Oh my, I just took a quick look at the presentations -- amazing places, well worth additional posts, and much more nicely done powerpoint presentations, too....  I'll be revisiting those trips in the weeks to come, I think.

But I also came across a very small digital image of a drawing that I'd done of an old dwelling outside of HoiAn, a UNESCO city in central Vietnam.  It was made from an enlarged black and white version of the original color image.  I was doing a weekly drawing class at the Clemson Arts Center about 4 years ago and part of the format was bringing images or objects that we wanted to draw.

I couldn't find any larger digital images of the 4 drawings that I'd transferred, so I suddenly thought, wait they're in the larger drawing pad that sits next to my desk and took some quick iPhone shots.

Here's the drawing, the black and white photograph, and the powerpoint "slide" of the original photo.

drawing of an old house in Hoi An

Black and white printout of the original image
The image as it appeared in the presentation I put together about the trip.

This was really just a bit of encouragement to myself to get back to drawing.  It was nice to see this drawing -- I hadn't remembered that drawing class for awhile...  Drawing is a medium that I feel more comfortable with than watercolor as it's more familiar, but encouraging myself to do either, well, there are numerous opportunities around here for drop-in and formal classes, too!

Fun to see how daily postings prompt thinking differently about things -- I'd been thinking about doing some drawings, but didn't quite have the ummpf -- this may be just the kind of nudge that was needed.


  1. What a difference there is in the mood between the three images! Each conveys its own emotional message. A really interesting comparison.

    1. I hadn't thought about that, but you're absolutely right. Thanks for pointing it out!

  2. What a lovely drawing. I once took a week of workshops at SCAD and the classes by those extremely talented instructors open up new worlds to me!

    1. Thanks so much, Maggie. I'd love to hear what kinds of art you were doing at SCAD. A week sounds intense, but great!


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