Time to put out a few holiday decorations

We've been traveling over "the holidays" for many years, so normally have just put out a few heirloom decorations, some hand-knitted stockings (from a Himalayan vendor) and a venerable small grape wreath tree, decorated with various natural decorations -- birds, berries, and the like, before we left.

This year, with an unusually long time between Thanksgiving and Christmas, and not leaving for our winter trip until January -- yikes to a snowy place this year --- I'm thinking it's time to put out the regular things. (Thanks, Maggie, Lauren, and Maitri, for nudging me into doing it NOW).

The small wooden reindeers and bear ornament can sit on the top of the hutch, below the wonderful lacquer paintings we brought back from Hoi An, Vietnam from our first trip there, a decade ago.

Phong paintings with holiday decorations

We had a fireplace mantel in our house in Clemson, perfect for stockings, etc.  Here in Asheville, the little tree can go on the vintage breadbox, but some of the other items need some creativity.  The small stockings that my Grandmother sent Christmas money in -- I hang them up with small magnets on the side of the fridge.

The regulars (trip mementos), now plus holiday stockings

As soon as I retrieve the small tree from where it stays throughout the year (on top of a long built-in cabinet along with my gardening companion's books), I'll post a photo of that, too.


  1. All mementos that bring us happiness are part of the season of joy.

  2. Nice. Judy was moved to set up a bunch of Christmas lights on our back porch, and a wreath on the front door. We're usually pretty minimalist regarding holiday decorations.


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