Thinking back to special places: the Carretera Austral, Patagonia

In my daily post yesterday, I was remembering special places that we've visited.  My gardening (and traveling companion) said those were all great, but how about New Mexico, he said?  Hmm.

The wonderful vast high desert of Northern New Mexico is extraordinary.  I loved being there, with the expansive skies, colorful bluffs, and pine forests, but it didn't resonate as much with my sense of being at home:  these are places with lusher mountains, more diverse forests, more water, and granitic rocks.

I was realizing that I listed the places I did because of their similarities.  There are other places like that that I could add, I'm now thinking.

And there are many other wonderful places in the world that we've visited, particularly in tropical regions of the world, but they weren't necessarily places of the spirit.

So I think I'll spend some time over the next week revisiting some of these places and get all of our digital images from our last decades of traveling transferred to my new desktop.

Here's a revisit to a bit of the Carretera Austral, in Patagonia, on the Chilean side.  We had wanted to go there in 2002, but the road was still gravel and the ferries didn't run in December, so this trip (in 2015) involved driving from Argentina into Chile, then down the rapidly-being-paved Carretera Austral.

Here are some posts from that trip, along with photos, from Natural Gardening.  (Click through for the link).

Some photos from those posts:


  1. Wow, that is some dramatic country! We have never been to Argentina, though Judy visited our son when he lived in Ecuador. Maybe some day ...


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