Panetonne and remembrance

A friend posted today about how much she was currently enjoying panettone, an Italian yeasted bread, slightly sweet, with candied orange peel, citron, and other candied citrus, enjoyed during the holiday season in Italy (and elsewhere.)

It brought back a vivid memory:  our trip to Tuscany in 2001.  It was during the winter post- 9/11. 

We had been planning to go to Bangkok, but that seemed too far away at the time, so Italy seemed liked a good alternative.  Americans weren't traveling that year.

On New Year's Eve, we were in Montepulciano, where the townspeople were out celebrating with panettone and champagne at midnight.

When they learned we were Americans, they said Americano! Americano! — sharing camaraderie and support. It was a remarkable experience.

We've been welcomed as Americans around the world.  

It's the hope for the future and opportunity that our country represents, I think.  I hope it continues.


  1. That is a beautiful memory, Lisa! We were near there to visit my in-laws' ancestral town near Lucca about eight years ago. I agree, the Italian people were warm and welcoming. We had a wonderful trip. :) Thanks for sharing your story!

    1. I had a taste of some locally-made panettone, as well as some German stollen at my regular grocery store this afternoon -- both were delicious!


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