The ginkgo leaves are turning

It's almost time for the annual ginkgo post -- I've done lots of them over the years.

Nov. 7, 2017
I posted about ginkgos exactly a year ago today, I noticed:  with this photo.  It looks quite similar today, actually.

Even though they're not native, they have a wonderful story.  We first had a ginkgo in the front yard in Georgia, planted by the previous owners, then several in South Carolina that we planted, and now this delightfully quirky one here in North Carolina, which is bushier than normal as it's been zapped by late frosts after bud break (so had to regrow shoots), and is zigzag because of the way sunlight moves across our landscape with the patter of the shade.

I also noticed that on Nov. 17 last year, the leaves had just fallen, as ginkgos do -- all the leaves at once, creating a beautiful yellow carpet of leaves.

This was the photo from that post; it's bittersweet to see the beautiful Rhododendron catawbiense to the left. It died over the summer, presumably from root rot because of the exceptionally heavy rainfall.

Nov. 17, 2017
It's also interesting to see the brilliance of the Japanese maple across the street in this photo. I haven't noticed it at all yet this year, as the dogwood in front of it is still beautiful.