Southern Chile

We traveled there first in 2002.  It was a trip honoring my gardening companion's 50th birthday.

We'd lost two of our traveling parents by then (my mom earlier that year, at 64, and Tim's dad at about the same age and around that same time).

So, we stepped up our traveling and ventured forth, honoring their spirits.

Why not, we thought?

Without children, and winter break to travel in, well, it started our traveling journeys.  Sure, we could stay at home and "work" during winter break, but that made no sense, given our circumstances -- so we booked flights in August, so we couldn't wimp out later.

Southern Chile and Patagonia were so beautiful.  We felt like we'd gone back to California's coasts 100 years ago.  From Chiloe Island to Lago Llanquiheu to Punta Arenas to Torre de Paine.



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