Compassion and the holiday season

We live near downtown Asheville, a city that supports and provides services to people of all sorts, largely though robust non-profit outreach efforts.

A benefit that we attended for the first time this evening, sponsored by various local businesses, with donations matched by a local realty company (Town and Mountain) was revealing to me. I knew a bit about each group, but was glad to learn more.  The benefit proceeds supported a group of five non-profits supporting outreach to five different groups around homelessness and vulnerable situations, from veterans to women in  domestic violence situations.

Based at a venerable local music venue that we'd never been to before (the Orange Peel), it was hopping early in the evening with families enjoying Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus.  And then many more folks started pouring in.  We didn't stay for the dinner line, as we'd already had enough with the pre-dinner snacks.

Talking to the folks who were there representing the groups was sobering.

I don't have a magic wand, alas, but we can expand our giving to places that help folks that we see every day on our walks, coming to the various places nearby who serve them, and who shelter during the day downtown.

All I can think is to add my favorite "lighting a lantern" view, from a Hoi An, Vietnam experience years ago.

Full Moon celebration, Hoi An, Vietnam

I'm grateful that we were able to share a very small bit this evening.  It's not that much, compared with the need, but we'll continue to expand what we can do with this. 


  1. The need is great. I am thankful for people like you that work to better this world we all share with one another. Bless you.

    1. Well, we need to do more, for sure, in this country, through some sort of decent safety network. The need is so large. I'm grateful for the non-profits that are reaching out and helping.

  2. Sharing is so important now and all year long. Thank you for caring.

    1. Sharing is definitely needed the year round. I'm grateful that we have resources that we can share.


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