Hmm, a glitch in the final holiday decoration....

Well, the venerable grapevine tree with its ornaments is missing a connecting cord (it would be male to male, 2-pronged).  It was a pretty dinky cord, so easily mistaken as something we needed to get rid of last year, putting it away -- we don't have any two-pronged outlets here in a 13-year old house, after all, unlike our 1920's house in Clemson (which had quite a few).

A Christmas tree needing new lights.
In searching for a replacement online, I learn they don't exist commercially for a sound reason:  they're an electrical hazard, confirming my notion over the years that it was always best to unplug this tree, when we left the house and at night.

But all is not lost.

It needs a good solid dusting, maybe washing, in any case -- not such a great idea with lights on it.

And a new set of lights with a modern cord is quite a doable project.

And notice the watering can (part of a gardening ornament collection added some years back), also needs reattaching....


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