Another bear visit

I posted about (probably) this same young male black bear on April 9 in Natural Gardening.  He wandered up the slope and through the raised bed garden.

Late this morning, as I was talking to a friend, sitting out on our back porch, as I glanced into the forest below,  there was movement coming up our stream bed, at the bottom of the slope.  A dark object.  Hmm, I was thinking, even  as I continued our conversation about a writing class that we'd both shared.

a view from our porch

The object soon became consolidated.  It was a young black bear, probably a male, which would be most likely now.

He first foraged for grubs around some fallen logs.  (All of these photos were taken by my gardening companion).


Then, he ambled up the hill. Clearly, he knew we had seeds out?  Black oil sunflower seeds in our feeders seemed to be a familiar meal.

And finishing up his meal with a nice drink from the hummingbird feeder.  

Ahh, sugar water!

Well, perfect, I'm sure he thought.  

At least it wasn't garbage, but we'll be bringing in our feeders, I guess. 

Whether this fellow is now a "local" urban bear, it's hard to know.


  1. That is one relaxed-looking bear. Love the photo of him on his back, slurping up the sugar water. I'm seeing more and more posts about animals in urban settings. No interesting sightings here yet -- bears may only now be waking up since it is still quite cold.

    1. He lounged around quite a long time, feasting on the sunflower seeds he'd shaken out the feeder. Our dog didn't even bother to bark -- even though he's normally quite protective of the house from passersby in front...

  2. I find it amusing that the only bears I've seen in the last few years have been in Asheville. Out here in our very rural neighborhood, where every one lives on 40 to 60 acres, I've not seen any. Maybe they're up on the ridges, or maybe they've all moved to Asheville.

  3. Oh my, that last photo. He looks happy as can be.


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