Warmer temperatures and a clearing sky

After a gray start, with some rain, the afternoon brought patches of sun, punctuated by clouds, intermittent showers, and a rainbow.

Our local squirrels were busily looking for buried black walnuts, hickory nuts, and acorns, now that the snow around the house has melted.

There were two up in the maple tree outside the kitchen windows, loudly scolding each other, and chattering loudly.  A Carolina wren briefly joined in.

maple tree out the kitchen window

This blurry photo confirms their presence!

I do have a very nice Nikon lens attached to a decent digital camera, if I had wanted to fish it out of where it's "stored"  -- not in a particularly handy spot nowadays....hmm.

iPhones have their strengths as cameras: close-ups and distance shots aren't among them.