I wrote a post about being fortunate yesterday.  It was heartfelt, but not quite right, I thought, in the middle of last night, and deleted it.

Here's an updated version. 

Being fortunate 

I can't keep posting pieces about various places that we've been in the world or about returning to our now 2nd home in Quebec, without a post about gratitude.  We are so fortunate.   I am truly grateful.

Neither of us grew up in wealth, but both of us were savers:  I'm grateful our parents taught us that.  It was the practice that made all the difference.  So, we're fortunate now.   And we can give back, which is a blessing. 

I am truly grateful for the blessings that we have.  I don't know about how to think about them.  We give back as we can and will give as much as we can in future years, too, as well as after we're gone.  

At this time of the year, when it's turned cold and rainy (sometimes snowy), in our mountain town, I'm so mindful of our ability to share what we have and the importance of simple things that make a difference.

Farm view from our house in Quebec