Ready to go skiing

I'm not a natural athlete. 

I swam as a young teen and won a couple of local swim meet medals.  I ran as a teenager and young adult, through my early thirties.  I ran the NYC Marathon when I was 33 and never ran more than 3 miles after that  - my hip complained, my arthritic toe complained, etc.  So I've been a walker now for many years and really feel reasonably fit.

But taking up bicycling last summer humbled me -- yikes, are my arms that weak?  I headed back to weightlifting a couple of times a week at the YMCA after our return from Germany in September.

And our last two days of skiing on our short hybrid ski-shoes, ditto.  Hmm, this is really fun, but my leg, arm, and back muscles are tired and I feel it tonight.

But it's all good.  It's not a bad thing to be reminded that exercise of all sorts is a good thing and multiple sorts are beneficial, too, to expand one's range of muscle use.

My gardening companion and my sister are keen exercisers;  I'm always struggling to keep up -- but that's not a bad thing either -- at least I'm trying to get out there!

Ready to go

Out on the trail at Biltmore Estate

Enjoying the snow


  1. Good skiing for You! - here in Freiburg still no snow and weather report says it will be warmer again in the next days. Anyway I am packing my shorts and T-Shirts and leave tomorrow for Australian summer in Perth. All the best for the holidays to You and Tim! Wolf

  2. Those hybrid skis are really interesting! We bought backcountry cc skis many years ago and they are much longer and thinner. My favorites are sakting skis which are short and fast, much more like skates really. Happy Winter !!

    1. These short skis are quite easy to use and maneuverable! The snow was quite icy today, so it was a bit slippery....

    2. You look like you're doing fine! I prefer snow shoeing to skiing any day.


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