A winter trip

An evening gathering had me describing our winter plans to some friends.

We want to experience Quebec in the winter, so we've acquired our "ski-shoes," put winter tires on my Volvo X-C wagon, and purchased base layers and snow pants, as well as snow mittens, glove layers, etc.

So we're ready.

It's interesting to see folks' responses.  I'd say half are positive (yay, adventure! winter sports are great!); the other half seem more like, why the heck would you go to Canada in the winter?

Well, we think it seems honest to experience winter in a place that's remarkably lovely and wonderful in summer.  People do live there full-time, and even vacation in the national park near our house there in winter, too, skiing, snowshoeing, and back-country skiing. Even fat-tire biking. 

So, why not? 

We have a giant vintage wood stove in our renovated schoolhouse to house, with LOTS of wood, as well as high-efficiency electric heaters (although the bill for the first month, after they were turned on for maintenance temperatures in October were a bit eye-opening.)

So, we've now had practice with our ski-shoes, to use in our close-by national park trails -- they're quite fun as well as easy to use. 

And the national park is totally wonderful -- I'm looking forward to seeing what it looks like in winter.

The Parc manages to block image downloads, but here's a link.

I'm remembering the wonderful views in summer.

St. Fabien sur Mer