Creativity and gardening

Tulips from a spring vase

I've written in the past about how gardening provided an end-road back to creativity.   We all have different ways to express those creative outlets, when we finally connect with them, but mine was gardening.

This post, from Natural Gardening, in 2014, summarized my thoughts at the time.

I really don't know what will take gardening's place, at the moment, as juggling two garden spaces is more about management than creativity.

Writing has been the bedrock, I realized, while poking my way back into art in recent years  (nice, too, and I'm still determined to continue that).

An interesting piece about creativity came through an email digest of a group where I've been a member for many years -- GWA (Garden Writers Association), now rebranded as Garden Communicators.  The key was that it wasn't about inspiration, but showing up.  That's for sure!

Their message was just about showing up and doing the work.