Daily posts, reflections, and other conundrums

My friend who's been doing daily blog posts as part of our writing group challenge reminded us that that's been 60 days since the cycle began.  That's a long time.

I've been doing daily posts on this blog site since late August, though, with almost daily posts since the third week in May on my long-standing blog, Natural Gardening.  So this is now 211 blog posts since late May, when I look at the archives.  Hmm.

Whether this is a good thing or not, I don't know;  there's discipline in daily posts, but my intent is always to think that I'm writing a post well enough that I'd like to read it again, as a reflection, observation, chronicle, or experience.

That's a lot of posts, and we live in a media-rich time, so I'm not thinking there are lots of folks reading my posts out there (especially on this new blog).  But it's nice to have them in a sequential format to go back to (especially my Natural Gardening posts, whether gardening, nature, or travel-related).

I have more scope as far as topics with this blog site, which is why I set it up when I committed to daily posting, but it's still challenging to come up with something interesting to write on a daily basis that's not too prosaic.

The posting every day is really (for me) about the discipline of daily writing at this point.

composite with flower visitor

Here's another drawing from four years ago to remind me to get back to that, too.


  1. Daily posts are a bigger challenge than I am prepared to take on, so congratulations for sticking with it. You say it is part of the discipline of daily writing. Are you working on something larger? A book , perhaps?

    1. I've thought about book projects that involve some of my past blog posts, but haven't been clear about what sort of project would be most interesting for me (or for others to read!) That's partially why I'm trying to revisit some of the themes and topics of past posts over the years in these new posts. And, having been involved with book projects in the past, I'm reluctant to add that to my list. But an abundance of travel posts and now having a house in Quebec make it more appealing than simply organizing past posts about gardening and nature observations. Thanks for asking! I'll have plenty of time this winter to sort out potential writing projects....

    2. I'm working on a book about Glen Villa. It's hard going... and with no guarantee that anyone except me will want to read it. Still, I think it is worth doing.

  2. My goal is to post three times per week, usually I pull it off. I just don't think I could manage every day.


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