Returning to a special place: Ireland

We had a HomeExchange inquiry from an American couple who's lived in Ireland for over a decade, just over a week ago.  Their house is near Sligo, between Connemara and Donegal.  They wanted to come to Asheville in the first two weeks in May.

a lough in Connemara
We weren't planning to leave for Quebec until late May, so we thought, why not?  Connemara is such a beautiful part of Ireland and farther north looks equally lovely.  We had a wonderful trip 3 years ago to SW Ireland, including a loop through Connemara.

We can take the train from Dublin to Sligo, and then get to their house by some sort of transport, I imagine, and then we'll be able to use their car, too.  Perfect.  And we'll be able to spend a few days in Dublin, after we arrive, before heading to Sligo.  It seems like a great city to explore.

And we can use FF miles for our tickets: nothing not to like about that.

I was reminded of the wonderful landscapes in that general area, looking back on our previous trips.

I was looking for some previous posts about being in Connemara, but didn't find them.

But I did find these extraordinary views from the Dingle Peninsula, and my post about that.

Ireland is a special place.  I'm grateful that we've had an opportunity to return.


  1. We will have an exchange to Dublin for 2 weeks June/July and probaly another week in London and watch the Bob Dyla / Neil Young concert there. This morning first wake up in my wonderful exchange home in Perth overlooking the ocean.

    1. You'll have a great time, I'm sure! We're looking forward to visiting Dublin for the first time.

  2. There are many fascinating Neolithic tombs areound Sligo. Do seek them out, if you haven’t yet.


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