The urban naturalists want to have chickens again

We had so much fun tending our "inherited" flock of 5 hens and one rooster last summer.

They went back to the chicken fellow at the end of our time in Quebec (as per instructions from the previous owner of the house and the chicken acquirer).  Here is my early summer post about it.

He had built a palatial chicken coop, complete with lovely nesting boxes, with a secure outdoor compound and sturdy roosting perches. It was served by a buried all-season water line, heated by an electric line designed for that purpose.

I was reminded again of this at a garden group meeting this afternoon, talking about being in Quebec.

We're planning to have chickens next summer again (why not?) We have a sturdy chicken coop with water, after all.  It may without the grumpy rooster, however, who was prone to charge and peck our legs (!)