A morning walk to the market

The vendor's displays are beautiful in this market.
A last visit to the morning market at the Munsterplatz was a welcome diversion from worrying about Hurricane Florence, now just making landfall along the coast in North Carolina. 

We're heading home on Monday with a bit of trepidation.  Our house is in the mountains of Western North Carolina;  probably it'll be quite a bit of rain and wind there over the weekend as the storm passes, but hopefully not too bad.  Hopefully, our travel won't be disrupted, but we're prepared for that.  But the impact on our coast and central areas -- so worrying, as I think about friends and others on the coast and the tremendous damage that will need to be addressed.

Munsterplatz market

Inside the Munster
The organist was practicing this morning perhaps for her weekend performances, either at the end of market or for services.  It was lovely and soothing and there were a number of us listening.