Sankt Peter to Sankt Märgen and back

A beautiful Sunday made for another perfect outing to the Schwarzwald, back to Sankt Peter and Sankt Märgen, we thought, as our previous trips had been cloudy and overcast, although still delightful, and we hadn't walked on one of the more scenic trails, in any case, having taking a route into the forest instead.

Setting off from Sankt Peter this time, we climbed steeply up, with great views of Sankt Peter below.

View of St. Peter
We had thought we'd just go up and hike along the forest edge and return, but found ourselves about halfway to St. Märgen, and since the trail passed by a historic mill, open for today's special openings,
we thought we'd walk on and take the bus back to St. Peter.  The stop at the mill was delightful, full of folks enjoying the special cakes, coffee, and entertainment provided by the membership group that helps preserve the mill.

After finding out the next bus wasn't for over an hour, we thought we'd walk back another way, making a round-trip.  It was a longer walk than expected (~10 miles), but the views were amazing.

in a forest patch
These beech trunks were MUCH larger than they appear in this photo.
Coming back from St. Märgen
Wonderful to be out in the countryside today.....