Fall light

The days will be shortening now; in WNC, sunrise is ~ 7:23 am, with sunset roughly 12 hours later.  It feels dark in the morning, compared to Germany, where sunrise seemed earlier, although currently it’s about the same at 7:18 am.

View from the Schlossberg in Freiburg in early evening

In Le Bic, the current sunrise is at 6:34 am with sunset at 6:31 pm.

It makes for an interesting difference in how I perceive daylight, I’m thinking.  I’m going to look at what the winter sunrise and sunset times are for Le Bic, where we’ll spend some time this winter  — totally dark by 4 pm, our neighbors said.

Decades ago, my time in Northern Germany in the winter found it light at 8 am and dark by 4 pm, too.  It was depressing then, but we didn’t have any snow and the skies were gray.

Folks in Quebec who like winter sports — snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, etc. — love the crystalline light on clear days.  We’ll see.  I'll be taking my (seldom-used) light box with me!