Evening light

I was thinking in early evening, as I was preparing dinner, about how wonderful it is to have afternoon light in the kitchen. And our kitchen view here in the mountains looks out into the woods, too - a overgrown ravine forest turned into native woodland garden - equally important.

In Clemson, SC, where we lived for 20+ years, our kitchen was quite nice, but only had a bit of morning, but not afternoon light. (The light in the front room and on the porch was extraordinary, especially in winter, and morning light in our bedroom was lovely).

So I'm mindful of how nice it is to have that light and view, as a grounding place.

I was searching on Natural Gardening for a photo, trying to think of a key word that would bring up a kitchen window view, and came across a post from last summer, where I write about the views from the windows in our house in Quebec.  Nice to revisit.

This is the one I found finally (there are others):  a mid-November kitchen window view in early morning, not in afternoon.  I'm fortunate in this kitchen to have morning to evening light.

Mid-November early morning view from the kitchen

We'd taken out all of the plants that we normally would have had along the back of the kitchen counter before our summer away, but are looking forward to adding back an orchid, a bird's nest fern, and something else.  We have a lovely new vase that looks perfect behind the sink, thanks to our last HomeExchange partner --it'll have either fresh or dried flowers in it.  Nice.