Some thoughts about gardening as restoration

I was going to link to a previous post about being home.

A search on Natural Gardening (my other blog site) picked up quite a few interesting posts over the years.  They ranged from being thankful for being at home in the Southern Appalachians to a post about a wonderful vegetable gardening area in the highlands of Guatemala -- not sure why that would come up, but it was nice to see it again.

The one I've picked to share again this evening is a recent one, from this summer, at the end of our time in Quebec.  It's about Gardening as restoration.  Just click through if you're interested in reading the post.

Looking for an image to add, I searched again (for "gardening as restoration") and found this post from over a decade ago.  It was titled Why we garden - prompted by thoughts about gardening in times of climate change. So I'm sharing that one, too.

early August 2018 (pocket meadow)

As I'm working on a new presentation, while reviewing a couple of favorite ones for upcoming programs in the next two weeks, I'm mindful of how encouraging people to think about creating habitats for wildlife in their gardens is equally restoring.

I also thrive when I encourage people to plant natives, create habitat, plant for pollinators, and think about how they can make a difference in their garden and community.   That's restoration, too.