Pieces with memories

It's such a gift to be able to stay in Quebec a bit longer.  We're waiting for fresh snow on Thursday, but we were also glad that we had stayed to have time with our neighbors at coffee this afternoon, meeting their daughter-in-law who came back with them yesterday from Quebec City.  She's a gifted musician/composer who travels the world doing her projects -- fascinating!

We're blessed in our house here with wonderful Quebecois antiques, that we bought as an added part of our purchase, from the former owner, an antique dealer.  They fit this house perfectly, and resonated with our love of Southern pine furniture and rustic antiques.

This piece looks like a larger twin of a cabinet that we have back in Asheville.

We bought that piece decades ago at a monthly antique gathering in Atlanta, as a farmhouse Indiana cabinet;  it graced our living room in Clemson, perfect as we came in the front door.  We kept a few old CD and vinyl records in it, there, but in Asheville, it needed to work;  it now houses extra dishes, cookbooks, and large glass pans.

So seeing this piece at the end of the living room in this house -- amazing.

a favorite cabinet

what it really looks like
My drawing is again a whimsical interpretation -- I only brought a subset of watercolor pencils, so have limited color ranges, but I'm pleased I'm drawing anything at all!