Local food: Baby bok choy

At the local market in the nearby village of Le Bic, I was surprised to see these small baby bok choy, among the mostly imported vegetables and fruits from the U.S. and Mexico.

They were grown under the auspices of Trudeau Farms, a Quebec-based company.  Were they grown in Quebec, I wondered, in some sort of massive greenhouse complex?

Visiting the company's website didn't clarify exactly where these were grown, only that the company, a venerable agricultural producer, has greenhouses in both Quebec and in the Dominican Republic, as well as conventional vegetable fields.

Well, I can guarantee that they're not growing bok choy outside in Quebec this winter and it's way too warm in the Dominican Republic and Mexico right now, too, so I'm thinking it's a cool-temperature greenhouse here in Quebec.

Some more poking around on Google found the information that Ferme Trudeau/Trudeau Farms started growing various Asian vegetables in 2000 and they'd become quite popular with Quebec residents.

Interesting and notable to see them -- local food is a popular theme here (Canadian vs. imported, too).