Finally, getting ready to leave

We have snow expected tomorrow all day.  So there will be fresh snow for skiing tomorrow and on Friday.

Very nice, but small, Quebec garlic heads

And then there’s a window of more or less clear weather (with a bit of rain, not snow or ice) for our 2 1/2 day drive back to Asheville.  There’s another big storm coming on Sunday, so we figure it’s time to leave.

I was feeling wistful this afternoon, buying groceries for a couple of final meals, juggling, as I always do, what provisions we need for traveling, not wasting anything as we leave, etc.

We’ll return in just about 3 months, at the end of May.  Having a second home so far away from our house in Asheville is an unfamiliar addition to the dance of travel that I’ve become accustomed to - doing HomeExchange travels, and traveling before that, our normal longest period of being away was a month.  So three months is something different, although now that I’m thinking about it, we left last summer in early August, and didn’t return until early January, and all was fine.

I’m obviously a planner and not one to leave things to molder away in cupboards or refrigerator!

The fresh bread I made today will come with us, as will whatever cooked vegetables are still left (hopefully they’ll be eaten) — I had two large onions as well as two large colored peppers that I cooked this evening, along with as much fresh garlic as I thought was prudent. I still have two fresh zucchini from Mexico, bought this afternoon, and the rest of the garlic to cook.

There’s lots more fresh pasta to eat with all of these veggies!

All is well.