A beautiful sunset

I wish I'd been able to stop along the highway, returning from a program in Rimouski, our nearby city, late this afternoon, to take a photo.  The light and sunset views were incredible.  I was marveling at the open vista towards the St. Lawrence River, with the clear winter light combined with the clouds. Magic.

I'm reminded of how the expansive views are different here from our views in the Asheville Basin --beautiful, too, but not normally with the expansive skies.

And I was reminded again of how I never expected to find it so beautiful (and nice) to be in a snowy place in winter.  It's been great.

A winter view in Parc National du Bic


  1. So glad you are enjoying the winter experience.

  2. Like Lauren, I’m so happy you’re having a positive winter experience in Quebec. And with a polar vortex, too!


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