Thinking about the Northern Appalachians

Being reminded of our visit to Ireland three years ago (and its similarity to part of Quebec's rocky coast along the St. Lawrence River) had my gardening companion looking at photos from the two months we spent last summer there, in Bas-St.-Laurent, at the base of the Gaspé Peninsula.

Such a special place;  I find myself thinking about being back there this coming summer and fall, again, even as I enjoy the prospects of spending fall and spring in the Southern Appalachians.

A summary of our summer months is reflected by "a house in Quebec" search on Natural Gardening

I made almost daily posts after we had internet access, so the search (linked here) more or less summarizes my thoughts over those two months.  

(Just as an aside, labels, on a Google Blogger-hosted blog, are interesting; they apparently don't make any difference in terms of more global internet hits, but they sure are handy for personal use.  I'm planning to go back and add more labels to all of my posts on this new blog.)

My gardening companion sent this photo from his photo library  -- a wonderful reminder of how lovely it was to be in a historic old house surrounded by French-Canadian vintage furniture.

Sitting at the farmhouse table with my laptop

We'll see what the light is like in winter -- my guess is that we'll still have afternoon light in the main living room, but just for a shorter time.


  1. So beautiful, Lisa. I would love to hear about how the place in Quebec came to be. 💕

    1. Well, I tried twice to do a reply on my iPad with no success, so perhaps being on my iMac will work.

      The thread of our Quebec journey is summarized in the link to my Natural Gardening blog posts (linked above in green) -- but it was such a serendipitous experience. We weren't looking for a second house at all, but Tim was poking around last January (why, I don't know) on a for-sale, by-owner website, and happened on this place, which is next to a national park that we knew well, as well as an area we were familiar with.

      So we fell in love with this place, which was remarkably inexpensive, compared to US prices. So we drove up there with Woody last May, with kayaks and bicycles thinking we'd buy (we had a purchase agreement contingent on our site visit).

      And it all worked out.

  2. What an absolutely beautiful space.... will be reading about you and your journey


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