Seasonal rhythms

Fall is a good time to be in the Southern Appalachians.  Cool temperatures and changing leaves mark the transition to cooler days ahead.  Less humid air means distant views are crisper, with mountain ridges showing a sharper edge.

This year the cool air came late, in a whoosh of cold from the north.  Quite a change!

I was thinking about last fall in terms of seasonal timing, so thought I'd look back at posts from October, and realized that in mid-October last year, we'd just returned from 2 weeks in Vancouver, following 10 days in Kauai.

Interesting that FB hadn't been reminding me of those memories -- perhaps they had all been blog post links to FB, rather than direct not as favored....

Regardless, I was reminded of wonderful views and community markets in Vancouver, with that quick look back.  Nice to read some of them, as one of my strong visual memories from that trip was the overpowering built space, full of skyscrapers, that today's Vancouver presents.

Stanley Park lake
Yes, there are wonderful, wonderful places to visit and the setting is still amazing and the neighborhoods away from the sea of high-rises seems to have many more positive attributes. Our HomeExchange space there was much more suburban, full of town home blocks in a formerly modest neighborhood, with easy access to parks and metro.

View of full moon from Cambie Bridge
Stanley Park is a metropolitan jewel.

The extreme housing costs in Vancouver seem to be such a liability, too, even with easy access to walking paths and bike lanes, and spectacular water and mountains.

Here's an evening view of the trendy and pleasant riverside area coming up Cambie Bridge.


  1. I love seeing the world through your travels. Thank you so much for your generous sharing.

    1. We’ve been lucky to be in many wonderful parts of the world, but it’s always good to be home.

  2. We enjoyed our visit to Vancouver about 10 years ago. The city is remarkably dense, with all those towering apartment buildings, and yet surrounded by forests and mountains.


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