Creating new rhythms at home

My Marjolein Bastin calendar --fairly quiet this week, but always great to look at
"Settling back in" is a strange phrase.  It has a sense of ease and familiarity, but also a tone of routine and structure that isn't all that appealing.

I'm fond of routine and structure, too, but it's all too easy to have that turn into a pattern of days that doesn't include anything about learning or experiencing something new, doing something spontaneous, or reaching out in an new way, volunteering to do something different, or trying something creative beyond the usual.

A favorite inspiration -- in calendar form years ago, in book form now
I'm fortunate now to have the time, without work-imposed structure, to try new things and continue to explore and experience my mountain tourist town with fresh eyes -- we're generally pretty good about that, but returning now, after almost 7 months of "being away, then back again " traveling  -- well, I'm determined to take advantage of the opportunities for creative exploration and contributions to give back that Asheville has to offer.

Traveling is a wonderful way to have cultural immersion and sharing become part of the day -- almost defacto, daily experiences are different and stimulating. 

At home now, after a flurry of presentations and a couple of landscape visits (always enjoyable), I'm making it a point to look at the months ahead, schedule new activities, challenge myself to do different things, and vary my daily routines from exercise (adding biking and walking to the Y to lift weights) to what I cook (Vollkornbrot, adding more fresh herbs, etc.). Returning to volunteer with the Y's Healthy Living Mobile Pantry distribution was so nice a couple of days ago.  I'll be doing a lot more of that as well as volunteering at a couple of community gardens nearby.

I'm at least pulling out my art supplies again-- signing up for a Travel Sketching workshop next month found me assessing my watercolor papers.  Hmm, I have some impressively nice pads, along with an array of brushes from classes a few years ago, along with tubes of watercolors, some new and old pens, art and watercolor pencils, pastels, etc.  They look inviting.  I need to jump in again!

There are lots of opportunities for art in this area, if I feel in need of more nudges...if I can commit to writing everyday, why not do a bit of art each day as well (or at least every few days?)

I'm tentatively pulling out my drawing/nature journaling books, too, along with favorite inspirations (Sara Midda is one, shown above).

My regular calendar now is a German language version of Marjolein Bastin's calendar series:  Naturkalender.  I saw one in Germany 6 years ago, and have been using them since (I just received my 2019 calendar from -- probably my 7th.)