Finally, fall weather

Cool clear air came in as the edge of tropic storm Matthew moved north.  It's welcome after two days of rain and wind, but even more welcome as the first "normal" fall day that we've had so far this year.

September in Asheville was the hottest September on record. Telling.

Thankfully, we were away much of September, but in the month or so that we've been back -- well, temperatures in the 80's certainly didn't feel like fall either.  So, to have a low less than 50°F --nice.

Some trees have simply dropped many leaves without turning color first, encouraged by over-saturated soil, perhaps, from the exceptionally wet weather this year.  One of the sassafras trees outside one of the upstairs windows is in that category.  The one next to it is still completely green.

They responded differently last year, too.  

Here was the photo that accompanied the post linked above.

Nov. 3, 2017