Another drawing

The spirit of 365 days of blog posts includes stretching into new territory;  my friend who will be starting her second 365 day posting adventure will be starting hers on Friday (with a detour through power outage, storm damage, and downed trees because of Hurricane Florence).

Above the farm fields, looking towards the St. Lawrence
In that spirit, I thought I'd try to use a photo from last summer as inspiration for another watercolor pencil/ink practice.  I'm not accustomed to doing any kind of "art" on my own, aside from gardening, so I'm thinking tip-toe steps....  Somehow, pencil, watercolor pencil, and ink doesn't seem quite as intimidating as straight watercolor.

And I was mindful looking through photos of how "difficult" some subjects could be (and I'm thinking about a piece I can do in 30-40 minutes, not a day or a week).

My drawing didn't look anything like its inspiration photograph.  But that's OK.  It's practice, and connecting me back, too to a place that's beautiful in the Gaspe Peninsula of Quebec.

This was a view from the ridge up behind our house, looking towards the St. Lawrence River through the farm fields and flower-filled field edges.

My drawing, done on flimsy notebook paper, was simply an interpretation.  Nothing more than practice.

I was glad to do it.  I think the flimsy paper in the notebook (instead of the expensive watercolor paper and watercolors that I also have) was another freeing aspect.

an interpretation of a meadow view


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