Feeling at home

I've put things that I like near my computer space in the studio. There are special things that I've kept for many years, among more recent watercolors and new acquisitions.

A friend asked me recently about where I put the drawing that I'd done of the chestnut rail vase a week or so ago;  this was the photo I posted on my reply.

I’m just now adding this post to FB directly, as my next few posts are focused on some of these special things, and I meant this one to precede them!

To the left of my computer
Some of them I've kept for many years.  The watercolors were from a few years ago, while the vase was just a couple of days ago. I'm planning to write about the various items if I can figure out how to delay posting until early next week, when I'll be offline for a few days.


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    1. Thanks, I really enjoy it. It's been interesting to look at it through fresh eyes with these posts and realize that I'd put these things together for a reason.


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