"New" plant-based foods--a veggie burger that tastes like beef

Driving up through the Adirondacks on my way to Quebec, I was rather amazed to learn about something called Impossible Burgers, listening to Good Food, a favorite podcast coming from Santa Monica, CA's public radio station, KCRW,  along with a mention of Superiority Burger, a small restaurant in the East Village neighborhood of Manhattan where I was coming from -- they apparently make fabulous vegetarian burgers that exclude delicious vegetable flavors.

I'd never heard of Impossible Burgers, even in my hip mountain town, but they're apparently becoming a huge player in the plant-based burger market.

Created of pea proteins, extruded to have meat-like fibers, flavored by sophisticated natural recreations of beef burger aroma and flavors, they're apparently fabulous as a plant-based burger that tastes like a beef burger.  Who knew?

So I was interested to see two versions of similar products in one of the local grocery chains in my nearby city:  Lightlife Plant-based Burger was the one I tried.

Here's an image from their website.

It was a remarkably tasty veggie burger and actually did taste like beef  - presumably they're doing the same thing that Impossible Burger is doing in Southern California.

They're a plant-based protein company that was founded 40 (!) years ago in Massachusetts and seem to have robust offerings of traditional tempeh and other veggie-based products.

I've never been particularly keen on regular soy or wheat-based veggie foods, as they're often too salty and processed for me, aside from tofu, which seems like a normal fermented food, but these plant-based burgers are definitely tasty.


  1. I have not tried the new burgers. There are here at almost all the fast food places now. I tried veggie burgers once upon a time and they were not my cup of tea. I do not like tufu nor mushrooms and that was the primary taste I experienced. The "plant based" burgers are always improving to meet the requirements of the more health conscious consumers. Call me weird but I kind of think fast food and healthy are an oxymoron.


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